SEVEN by Deadbeat

This mix from Scott Monteith, more widely known as the genre-spanning Montreal electronic artist Deadbeat, might as well be a 55 minute manifesto for the oki-ni mix series.

For his mix, Deadbeat has completely left behind the dub-laden electronica that he is associated with and has instead delivered a unique mix of reggae seven inches, pulled from his own record collection.

But there is no one better to explain this mix than Scott himself, so here he is to tell you about it.

“As ‘Drawn and Quartered’ is my seventh album I elected to do this mix for oki-ni exclusively using a selection of some of my nearest and dearest reggae 7 inch singles. I ran a reggae night called Dub Lounge in Montreal for several years alongside my dear friend Mossman, who's encyclopaedic knowledge of Jamaican music as a whole introduced me to these and many other beautiful songs and riddims over the years. I don't get nearly as many opportunities as I'd like to share these tunes with people since moving to Berlin, so I'm extremely happy to be able to do so in this context.

I selected the tracks nearly at random from the sadly quite small selection I brought with me when I moved and, as such, the records span several decades, a wide range of styles, and wildly-varying degrees of physical decay. It is precisely the unmistakable hiss and crackle of a well-loved 7 that drew me to start collecting the little devils in the first place, and it is my hope you'll all forgive me for the hodgepodge, slammer-jammer mixing in light of the undoubted "wicked and bad"-ness of the tunes on hand.

Thanks for listening.” R