MEMORYMIX by Clock Opera

Musing on the concept of memory, Dan Armstrong from Clock Opera has kindly pieced together this superb mix that floats beautifully between the aggressive clamour of Death Grips and lo-fi crooning of Bill Calahan.

Dan has described the mix better than we could reasonably expect to, so we thought it would be best to let him take it from here.

"This mix is a collection of influences and afterthoughts to our debut album 'Ways To Forget', from systems music to electronica. Tracks from current artists like Breton, NZCA/lines, Com Truise and Mammal Club along with the little known David Bowie and Philip Glass.

"In a way it's about perception and memory; fleeting experiences, unreliable recollections and how identity is created. It's an angle we've approached in some of our music and this mix is another perspective.

"With additional words from Alan Watts, Terence McKenna and other reality tunnels. Alan is the well-spoken Englishman, Terence the poetic American."

Clock Opera's debut album is out now.