STOLLYWOOD by Axel Boman

STOLLYWOOD showcases Axel Boman at his best, bringing together a collection of deep house grooves and hypnotic sounds in one slick package.

One of a handful of young house and techno artists who helped revitalise the genre, Axel Boman is already a cult figure in his hometown of Gotenburg. His warped house anthem Purple Drank brought him international recognition, as did a spell at the Red Bull Music Academy and the founding of his own label, Studio Barnhus.

Hoping for an equally successful 2012, Axel kicks of the year with his contribution to our MIX SERIES. We asked what sort of mindset you should be in to listen to his mix and Axel replied: "close your eyes, think of something fun/romantic and pull the trigger".

If you say so Axel, we'll give it a go.