SUNSETS by Anoraak

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Anoraak, aka Frederic Riviere, is a French producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist responsible for last year's Wherever the Sun Sets LP, a richly-layered record indebted to Italo Disco and the SoCal rock LPs (of Weezer and That Dog) that Frederic grew up listening to in the south of France.

An artist for with a penchant for laser-guided synth lines and sepia-toned nostalgia trips, his mix is a diverse collection of records that form part of his favourite 12 inches of all time. Curated rather than mixed, SUNSETS is 36 minute cut of indie-folk from the likes of Kings Of Convience and Iron & Wine, synth pop & disco from Cut Copy and Sharon Reed, alongside classic Hendrix and Pavement.

"These tracks are not 'my 10 favorite songs', but they are part of it", says Frederic. "They are each from a different genre, but all inspire me with the warmth of a sunset, car drives and long beaches. There are some oldies, like Hendrix, Scott-Heron and Minnie Riperton, which make me feel like I wish I could live one moment in '70s California, just to see if the fantasy I have from it is right. Pavement reminds me my teenage years, my long hair and my desire to discover the world. Coconut Records' song is a beautiful anthem to the coast where the sun always sets; and finally, a great disco song to bear in mind when a sunset calls for a party ..."