South London synth pop duo, Alpines, decided to play against type with their contribution to our mix series, putting together a crowd-pleasing rap mix, in tribute to a weekend spent DJing at a friend's wedding in France - or, as they put it, "ballin' en Provence".

Here is what Bob from the Alpines had to say about their mix:

"This mix was inspired by an epic weekend we spent in France this summer for a friend's wedding. The party was at a beautiful house out in the country and we had flawless weather all weekend. I DJed on the saturday night after the wedding, then again in on the Sunday afternoon when it was a bit more relaxed. Jay-Z and Kayne West - 'Paris' was the tune of the weekend and was probably played at least 10 times (no exaggeration) including a ridiculous sequence at the end of the Sunday when it was played several times in a row either side of some rather drunken informal 'speeches'.

Another reason we chose this them was that Catherine and I met at a wedding before we formed Alpines. This mix is not meant to be showcasing any cool new music, it's all commercial, crowd-pleasing Hip-Hop & RnB, but hopefully it will record part of an amazing weekend for posterity."

Alpines new EP, Early Hours, is out now and if you're in London you can catch them at The Lexington on 11th of October. For more info be sure to follow them on Facebook.