GBOSA by Afrikan Boy


If you’ve not heard of African Boy, his story is pretty simple: one day he went to Lidl and then, quite a bit later, he found himself featuring on the latest M.I.A. album, being produced by Timbaland, and opening for Prince.

A London-born Nigerian, Afrikan Boy has his own cheeky and offbeat style, which comes through strongly in this mix. GBOSA is a playful blend of dub-reggae, house, afro-beat and dubstep. Listen and be entertained.

With an MC style hovering between grime, hip-hop and afro-beat, Olushola Ajose is an artist who isn't afraid to be different. Therefore, it was no surprise that when we asked him to produce a mix for us he came back with a genre-spanning compilation of records we’d never heard of.

As he explains:

'The mix was inspired mainly from dub reggae and house music. I put one of my tracks 'kunta kinte' in the mix, to bridge the gap between the afro beat, house and the reggae attitude.

I did not want to put together a cheesy mix. Instead I went through my vinyl collection and chose songs I hadn't listened to in a while!! Gbosa!'