SOLACE by 2562

We like it when artists show us their vulnerable side, and that’s just what Dutchman Dave Huismans, aka 2562, has done with is mix. Called SOLACE, the mix is a compilation of songs to turn to at a time of need. While 2562’s normal sounds would loosely be described as “bass music”, this mix contains mainly softer sounds from the likes of Arthur Russell, Beck, and Steely Dan.

Here is Dave’s take on the mix:

‘I went a bit emo here and tried to make a more or less cohesive selection of music that provides comfort when things are getting me down; the kind of tracks and songs that can instantly make everything that’s wrong seem only half as bad. Paradoxically melancholic music full of sorrow or yearning does that for me just as well as uplifting boogie and soul. So this has pretty much become a mixtape in two halves - the sorrow and the release - united by the fact that they both contain close personal favourites from various phases in my life.’

2562’s acclaimed third album, Fever, is out now on When In Doubt.