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master-piece x oki-ni x Indigofera Prima

master-piece x oki-ni x Indigofera Prima

Although brand collaborations are increasingly common these days, when done well, collaboration is an art.

The idea of pooling talents, blending styles, and producing something altogether new is one that has been central to oki-ni since its inception, and for this collaboration two brands, both alike in craft and quality, from opposite sides of the world, meet in harmonious union.

We have been working with master-piece and Indigofera for some years now and although they deal in different areas, they share a similar philosophy: passionately believing in traditional production while targeting no less than supreme quality.

This is the tale of a unique collaboration project between three companies, thousands of miles apart but together in purpose and ambition. Designed by oki-ni and crafted by master-piece and Indigofera, we proudly present the master-piece x oki-ni x Indigofera collaboration for autumn/winter '12.

The first stop on this round-the-world trip is a small village in northern Norway. As with their denim, Indigofera insist on authenticity, seeking out traditional craft manufacturers to produce their denim and blankets. Hidden away in snow-covered Norwegian countryside, this small, family-owned factory is where Indigofera blankets are born.

Woven on vintage looms using the finest Norwegian wool, the blankets are a product of their environment: designed to combat the creeping Nordic cold, they are thick, hard-wearing, and distinctively Scandinavian.

Indigofera founders Johan Soderlund and Mats Andersson developed their appreciation of craft through years of experience in the denim trade, with the likes of global giants Levis and Edwin. After setting up their own brand in 2009, the pair have become great friends of oki-ni. We have long been discussing the possibility of working together in a way that brings out the best of each brand, and this collaboration offered the perfect opportunity.

With this part of the production finished, we now leave northern Norway and travel across the width of Europe and Asia to Japan, where a very different brand representing the same production philosophy plies their trade.

While master-piece utilise modern technical fabrics, there is nothing space-age about their production process. They too know the quality of traditional production and once the Norwegian blankets arrive they are precisely cut to fit the design specifications of each master-piece bag.

Once cut, the panels of blanket, along with the other elements of the bag, are hand-sewn together by master-piece’s skilled craftsmen.

Once each bag is completed and tested, the finishing touch is added by the signature master-piece logo, accented with a unique oki-ni tab to set this collaboration apart.

Finally, with its globe-trotting trip complete, the product arrives in the oki-ni studio in London, ready to be photographed and sold. Coming in three colours and two sizes, this exclusive capsule collection is the confluence of three brands and countless man-hours of labour. Products of craft and quality, they represent the offspring of the oki-ni brand dating service; Helping brands find their perfect partner since 2001.