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Backstage at Christopher Shannon AW13

A strong contender for the 'best show title' award, Christopher Shannon's AW13 collection – 'Obsessive, Compulsive, Re-Order' – is a celebration of "accidental styles and anti-outfits". It is also the only fashion show you'll see this season that references "numerous hoarding-themed TV programmes", a fact that was hinted at by the grimy image used on Christopher's recent show invite.

Offering a conceptual take on how most people actually dress – selecting from a wardrobe of disparate styles acquired at random over a span of years – Christopher has created a collection of pieces that blend contrasting layers, structures, and materials. A tricky thing to pull off, but Christopher has managed it with aplomb, as demonstrated by the superb mixed-knit jumpers, complete with cheeky Spongebob Squarepants cartoon faces.

The collection represented a development and expansion of Shannon's aesthetic, with a move away from the strong spotswear influences that he is best known for and towards a more formal aesthetic – refined knitwear replaced sporty sweatshirts. There was, however, a welcome return of the Kickers collaboration, which improves with each season that passes.

All in all, it was a great credit to Christopher that he could try something new, yet have it feel completely familiar and at home within his unique world. Obsessive compulsive? If so, this collection represents the order of a disordered mind.