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Aitor 'New Object Research' Presentation

Although we introduced you to Aitor Throup's intricate Shiva Skull Bag at our press day last year, the second day of London Collection: Men was the first opportunity for the world to see the designer's first complete ready-to-wear collection. With a sense of fevered anticipation, the great and the good turned out to gawp open mouthed at Aitor's amazing presentation, titled 'New Object Research'.

Packed with the complex technical clothing that we have come to expect from the designer who many are earmarking for greatness, the presentation was unlike any other collection at LC:M.

Indeed, Aitor would balk at the idea of his pieces being a collection, due to his unique conception of his work. Object Research is "about product design, not fashion design". In Aitor's world, each of his objects represents a specific answer to an individual problem, solved by hours of research and development. "Artists create problems", he says. "Designers solve problems."

But whatever his methods, the results are incredible. Ending where we began, the jumbo version of his signature skull bag is destined to be one of the most talked about pieces of the week.