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Veja’s Antiques Shops

03rd Sep 2013 @ 09:00 | Mark Fountain  0 Comments

With a commitment to fair trade and environmental considerations, the Parisian brand selects five little-known locations to unearth second-hand treasures.


Veja are no typical brand; take their sneakers, for example. After a production process that involves organic cotton, wild Amazonian rubber and ecological leather, Veja send their newly-produced footwear on a long voyage from Porto Alegre, Brazil, to Le Havre in France. Once there, the shoes travel the next leg of their journey by barge, drifting along sleepy French waterways until they arrive in the outskirts of Paris.

A flight would be quicker, granted, but such is Veja’s commitment to ecology that they consider the cost of each decision. The result is a brand that respects its worker’s rights, sources its raw materials sustainably and aims to reduce pollution at every opportunity.

With such a commitment to social and environmental principles, it was no wonder that Veja's contribution to our Paris City Guide centred around finding value in old and existing things, whether that be a 1960s soul record or a newly-restored bike.


1. L’appartement d’Emmaus, Espace 104
"Appartement Emmaüs  is a bric-a-brac shop run by Emmaüs, a charity founded in 1949 by priest Abbé Pierre to combat homelessness in Paris.  Different from the other shops run by the association, the Appartment is located in the huge 104 cultural centre in Paris's 19th arrondissement. Furniture, clothes, dishes, and vinyl are arranged as if they were in the rooms of an apartment. Some of the items are refurbished by the crew of la Tribu Déco, a social rehabilitation project. A good occasion to bargain-hunt for a cause! Also, we advise you to come back often, the shop is regularly replenished."

2. Archives de la Presse

"Nestled on the aptly named street Rue des Archives and housed in the beautiful Hôtel de Soubise, this charming shop is devoted to back issues of newspapers and magazines. You will find fashion and lifestyle magazines, 20th century newspapers and intellectual reviews such as Les Cahiers du Cinéma. Don’t miss the cellar that hosts hundreds of boxes of yellowing treasures, some editions being more than a hundred years old. Come here for a compacted history lesson of what the fashion, news and specialist press industries used to be like."



3.  Crocodisc

"Crocodisc is a Parisian institution for vinyl lovers. Launched in 1978, this record shop in Latin Quarter occupies two 2 side-by-side boutiques on Rue de Ecoles.  It features an unrivalled collection of new and used vinyl, LPs, CDs and DVDs from soul, funk, jazz, to pop, punk, rock and reggae."


4. Centre Commercial
"Centre Commercial is a collective space which unites local, social and environmental initiatives. Carefully selected fashion lines which are made of ecological materials and use local know-how sit alongside vintage furniture found and refurbished by antic dealers. Centre Commercial is located on Rue de Marseille in Paris, a neighbourhood that favours slow-shopping and sits a short distance from the cafés and terraces of the Saint Martin Canal. A glass roof shelters the space, which regularly hosts temporary exhibitions and art performances." 


5. Velo Vintage

"Behind Velo Vintage are two young entrepreneurs and bike lovers : Eddy Delgado and Hugo Badia. They scour the French countryside looking for unusual and unwanted bicycles, which they bring back to Paris, recondition, and then sell in a tiny shop in the 18th arrondissement. Their small stock offers bikes that you would not find anymore and include brand names that inspire instant nostalgia: Atala, Romet, France-Loire, La Perle."

(Illustrations by Emily Rose Rough)



To accompany each section of our Paris City Guide we have a bespoke hotel recommendation, provided by Tablet Hotels.

Hidden Hôtel

Tucked away behind a weathered wood façade, right around the way from the Arc de Triomphe, Hidden Hôtel maintains an unusually light footprint. Interiors are done in unfinished wood and stone, while gauzy earth-toned muslin softens things up. With flax sheets and natural handmade mattresses, even the beds are eco-friendly.

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