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London Collections: Men - Jan 2013 Preview

02nd Jan 2013 @ 15:45 | Mark Fountain  0 Comments

In the formative days of 2013, June 2012 seems like a lifetime ago. Yet, during that lifetime, London’s newest menswear initiative, London Collections: Men, has matured from a young upstart into one of the focal points of the global menswear calendar.

The success of the first LC:M was undeniable, with guest appearances from Thom Browne and a learned lecture from Sir Paul Smith adding depth to London’s eclectic and youthful menswear offering. Yet, this time around, the bar is higher and the scope wider.

The first piece of marketing material from LC:M arrived with us this week. Headed by a rousing article from Tim Blanks (which you can read in full here), the booklet offers a tantalising glimpse of the brands who will be showcasing their autumn/winter ’13 collections. A microcosm of British fashion, young upstarts and technical innovators such as Christopher Raeburn and Aitor Throup sit alongside proud institutions and iconic brands, epitomised by the craft of Savile Row.

However, while many of the headlines will be occupied by the vibrant new fashion talent that London excels in producing – much excitement surrounds both Agi & Sam and Shaun Samson – perhaps the more significant story is the repatriation of iconic British brands such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.

The fact that these fashion behemoths have opted to trade the established Milan fashion week for London’s wide-eyed upstart goes to show how far LC:M has come in such a short time.

(Stay tuned for backstage images and show reviews from LC:M, exclusively on oki-ni from Monday)

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