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Introducing Aitor

12th Dec 2012 @ 15:38 | Mark Fountain  0 Comments

One of the most eagerly anticipated pieces at our SS13 press day was the wonderfully macabre Shiva Skull Bag from  Aitor Throup - a designer who many are calling the saviour of menswear.

8 years in the making, this unique piece of art acts as a totem for the Argentine-born designer, whose love of anatomy and high-minded product design shines through each of his creations.

“The skulls find the origins in a 2006 collection that took the story of a group of football hooligans transforming into Hindu Gods” said Aitor in conversation with Dazed Digital. “It's not that I am obsessed with skulls or death, but I am drawn to them as studies of anatomy and also as reminders of our mortality”.

Those familiar with Aitor will not be surprised by his lengthy design process. Not bound by the fashion establishment's revovling carousel of seasons, Aitor intentionally positions himself outside of the fold as a Product Designer.

“Creativity is fluid and unpredictable”, he states in New Object Research: a design manifesto, “and should never be forced into predetermined timelines… a product should only be released once its problems have been fully resolved.”

In line with this credo, each Aitor product stands alone as a specific answer to a specific problem, and while past projects have seen him design for Stone Island and Umbro, Aitor works best when setting his own agenda, unconstrained and uninhibited by external factors.

We are delighted to say that Aitor’s stunning memento mori will be available from oki-ni early next year. Produced in a limited run of 100 pieces, we will be one of only 12 stores worldwide to stock this unique piece. The release will also be accompanied by some exclusive content produced in collaboration with Aitor, the details of which are still being discussed.

Adding to our list of exciting new brands, which already includes Christopher Raeburn and Richard Nicoll, 2013 is already shaping up to be a very good year.


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