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A.P.C. - Behind the Branding

29th Nov 2012 @ 15:12 | Mark Fountain  0 Comments

If you've ever wondered who is responsible for those fantastic A.P.C. campaigns then wonder no more: the French creative agency Petronio Associates have successfully created an instantly-recognisable visual language that is now indelibly tied to the A.P.C. brand.

While many may envy their simple text-over-image style, it is much copied but rarely bettered, with the photography of Venetia Scott counterpointed by simple text in a range of season-appropriate colours.

Adept in the dark arts of design and branding, Petronio Associates work on a range of products for the French fashion house – from advertising campaigns to show invites and stationary  - and also have an impressive roster of international fashion clients on their books, including YSL, CDG and other brands that cannot be reduced to their initials.

The agency describes the style of their A.P.C. work as “resolute classicism”, but whatever that means it certainly looks the part.

Also, if you were curious, the iconic A.P.C. font is Helvetica Neue 75.

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